Quick Start

Two-Week no-obligation trial offer
$39.95 for ALL NEW STUDENTS!


What’s Included:


2-Week Introductory lessons:

Delve into the world of Don Jitsu Ryu with carefully crafted sessions that cater to beginners. These initial lessons not only provide a glimpse into the deadly techniques of our style but also lay a strong foundation for your Don Jitsu Ryu journey. Our goal is to introduce you to the physical and mental benefits that await you on this empowering path.


One-on-one interview with dojo instructor:

Our one-on-one interview is a golden opportunity for us to connect, discuss your expectations, and address any questions you may have about your Martial Arts journey. Our Dojo Instructor, Sensei Hayden, is here to guide you, ensuring that your experience aligns seamlessly with your goals, fostering a sense of trust and community from the very beginning.


ASSESSMENT of training abilities:

Your journey with us starts with a comprehensive assessment of both your mental and physical training abilities. This evaluation is not about judgment but about understanding your unique strengths and areas for growth. Tailoring our approach to your individual needs, this assessment sets the stage for a personalized training plan that maximizes your potential and accelerates your progress in both mind and body.


free karate uniform (Gi):

You will also receive  a complimentary Karate uniform (Gi), along with Belt and Purple Dragon patches, when you join our 2-week quick start program. This uniform represents more than just attire; it symbolizes your initiation into our Purple Dragon International family. Wearing it with pride, you’ll be ready to embrace the discipline, respect, and empowerment that come with the practice of Don Jitsu Ryu.